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Our 3D printed Mini Ugly Stik is one of our most popular models! It fits a wide range of RC airplane brushless motors and common drone electronics. This is the perfect park and yard flyer! The airframe is 3D printed. It's much tougher than balsa. These will take a beating! The covering is a vinyl-type adhesive covering that comes pre-cut. It's like putting on stickers - very simple!


Designed after of one of the world’s most popular RC airplanes: The Ugly Stik! This high-wing model is a great trainer for beginners who are just getting into the hobby, but also great for aerobatics. With stable flying at high or low speeds, this is a great choice for flyers of all skill levels.


A little history: The original concept of the radio-controlled Ugly Stik was to create an aircraft that could basically be "expendable". The goal was an airplane with minimal build time, and to use as a test platform for new control developments, as a loaner for visiting flyers, and for testing repaired equipment. The trim scheme of the Ugly Stick was inspired by the Fokker Eindecker - a German, single-seat fighter aircraft from WW1.


Airplane Specifications:

Material: PLA MAX (Superior to other filaments in every form) 

Control Type: Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder.

Wingspan: 23 inches

Length: 16 inches

Flying Weight: Approx. 10 oz (varies with battery and motor size)


Required electronics (not included):

Servos: 3.7 gram micro (x4)

Motor Size: 1806-2200 800+ kv

ESC: 12 amp with BEC

Propeller: 5-6 inch

Battery: 2s lipo 7.4v 200-400 mah

Radio / Receiver: 4-channel

Mini Ugly Stik 23" Wingspan 3D Printed R/C Airplane Kit

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